About Us

Quarrylab is an artist’s residency located in North Nottinghamshire, amidst a unique juxtaposition of topographical features. Post-industrial; ancient woodland; working quarries; aristocratic estates; neolithic caves.

We have artists to stay at our place for a couple of days initially, or just come over to work for the day. We like to do walks, visit specific sites, recording or working on the landscape, individually and collaboratively. We sometimes arrange presentations, visits to other studios, have discussions or meet with other artist, and go to the pub! The idea is to have time away from the normal routine; reflect and contemplate; no pressure to produce work, yet the opportunity to do so.

It is a sharing of artistic worlds; collaborations; engaging with and having an impact upon this amazing space.

We aim to –

  • To work with visual artists, performers and musicians from culturally diverse backgrounds,¬†at varying stages of their careers, whose primary motivation is one of research and experimentation, and whose work in the main examines issues relating to land, people and the rural / urban dialogue.
  • To form working partnerships, projects, and exhibitions with high profile organisations within the fields of education, science and conservation.

Quarrylab is a not for profit organisation. No one pays to come to Quarry and there is no stipend. We believe in the concept of exchange of artistic expression.