The second half of 2016 saw four new artists working at Quarrylab.

In September Nottingham based painter Paul Harraway spent a few days drawing, painting, taking photos and videos… and trespassing, (nice one Paul) around the quarry site. Paul is currently working towards a show at Bromley House, Nottingham in 2017.

Also in September Beverley Bennett, whose work was being shown at New Art Exchange, made sound recordings at Hunciecroft and in the old forest at Edwinstowe. Beverley, who lives and works in London, returned in October for a longer stay and a more in depth look at the ‘Quarrylab’ landscape. She will continue her work on her London studio and at Quarrylab throughout 2017.

Celebrated site specific land artist Trudi Entwistle from Leeds stayed with us for a few days in October. Trudi is keen to interact with aspects of the local landscape, particularly Sherwood Forest and Creswell Crags, and will return in the new year to make further investigations and start to put together a plan for a major piece of work.

Our final artist this year was Matthew Chesney who runs the Backlit studios in Nottingham. Matthew was keen to reconnect with aspects of his own practice and has started working on a project looking at the Ice Age artworks at Creswell Crags using open source software which computes RGB data into notation. Matthew will also be making regular visits to Quarrylab during 2017.