Mohamed Elzoheri

Mohamed Elzoheri

“On the 23rd of November 2014, I had a wonderful opportunity to have a two days residency at the Quarry, I was hosted by the wonderful Veronica & Roy Pickering.

During this stay I had the opportunity to get close to the other side of Nottinghamshire that I couldn’t see easily during my stay in Nottingham city. This unique area with it’s wonderful natural scenes & landscapes enhanced my visual memory plus all the information I had about the area’s culture, history, topography gave me a real image & background about life in English County sides I took group of photos rich with autumn colours and natural-escapes reflects the impression of this experience on my eye and my vision. All this added a lot to my photographic and personal experience both equally, also the useful discussions I had with Roy & Veronica added a lot to my personal experience on different sides.

I’d love to go and visit the quarry again and looking forward to explore it during different seasons and to observe it’s development as a promising organisation in Midlands Area”.