Sardul Gill

Sardul Gill

is an artist who was born near Amristar in India. “As a teenager he move to Nairobi, Kenya before coming to the UK in the 1960’s, where he has lived, studied and taught ever since. Working in a broad range of media including painting, installation, print-making, collage and photography, Gill’s practice is stimulated by his fascination with nature and the theories related to nature and chaos” (New Art Exchange, ‘Dark Matter’ exhibition press release)


Sardul explains about his visit to Quarry¬†“it was a great opportunity to stay with Roy and Veronica for a couple of days and to experience the quarry landscape around the area as well as be able to collaborate with Roy making large scale drawings working outside in the field using the inspiration from the environment.

During the process we were able to exchange ideas relating to our individual approaches to art work which helped me to get to know Roy better.

Amazingly enough there were more commonalities than differences in our approach, particularly in our starting points of work.

In the evenings we continued our conversations in the same manner which helped me to realise that the Quarry project has given me new and tangible experience.¬† The hospitality offered by both Roy and Veronica is greatly appreciated”.