Artist Trudi Entwistle will be returning to Quarrylab this January, here is what she has to say about her own practice.

“I am a senior lecturer in Landscape Architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University and practice both as an artist and landscape architect. My artwork lies somewhere between the boundaries of land art, sculpture and design. It is site specific and investigates how sculptural forms integrate with their surroundings, interacting with human movement and the changing elements of light, weather, natural growth and decay. For more than fifteen years commissions have taken me to wild places and urban environments throughout the world, where my work, either temporary or permanent, has been used as a stage for theatrical production, play and social gathering or remains, simply, as a focus for the solitary act of contemplation.”

Trudi has spent a couple of days this week working on her new project in Sherwood Forest to be displayed in Nottingham later this year – updates to come in the near future, in the meantime why not check out her website for examples of her work.


Roy Pickering